TPA Transformation Program

Founded by Mike Barrett 20 years ago. Mike and his team have established many Campuses around Australia and one in the USA.

Mike Barrett and his Team's Vision:

Transformation Ministries International is a Public Benevolent Institution or Charity established in 1999 by our founder and Executive Director Michael Barrett. Fueled by a passion to see broken humanity taken from the "scrapheap" of life and given a second chance in life Michael and his team have developed a program that is second to none. This is the program that is known today as the "Transformations" program. Since 1999 we have been providing a Residential Rehabilitation Service that is relieving homelessness, destitution and addictions through counselling, recovery programs and accommodation. Our unique service is an effective and successful Rehabilitation Program that not only provides accommodation but also targets specific needs by introducing group sessions and practical teaching on issues such as; conflict resolution, communication skills, identity & self worth, life skills, literature & numeracy, work place ethics, discipline and boundary setting. We believe that every individual deserves to live a life that maximises their potential and restores them to their God given purpose. We believe that the reasons that a person has a life controlling addiction are vast and many and thus the approach to recovery must be that of a holistic approach. This being our underlying foundation our approach to therapy covers four main areas; Biological, Social, Psychological and Spiritual. We are ultimately committed to seeing clients within our care restored to wholeness and freedom from dependence upon any Person, Behaviour, Chemical or Destructive pattern of thinking and returning them to dependence upon their God. Since our initial “Signature” rehabilitation program was set up we have established many other programs across Australia and overseas. We partner with organizations to empower them to run such a program with our oversight. We have seen many success stories and are proud of our achievements in a little over a decade that we have been operating. Testimonials of changed lives are on the "real stories" tab. Our passion is to see many more broken lives restored and our Vision is to see our community transformed by giving the destitute “ a hand up and not just a hand out”.


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